COC is the place where entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders and super achievers connect for super-learning and profitable business collaboration. Our live events are back and hotter than ever!  We kicked off our year with our signature course on “How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business” followed up by “Multiple Streams of Income”, “Ramp Up Your Marketing” and “Speak Your Way to Wealth.” The recordings of these events are available at COC University. You may enroll and get access to over 130 success teachings at www.cocuniversity.com/memberships


If you are seeking to grow your business, ramp up your sales, make new connections, then get excited! In the coming months, we have many leading-edge events planned for entrepreneurs, speakers and super achievers like you. Below are just a few of our recent and upcoming events.

(New) Stop Calling It Money – By Bob Yates


Recent and Upcoming Circle of Champions Events

Our leading-edge events are safe to attend and loaded with new and up-to-date content for our members and new students. Below are just a few of our upcoming events.




Becoming a member of Circle of Champions gives you access to virtual and live cutting-edge seminars, workshops, boot camps, mastermind programs and more. You become a part of a thriving network of entrepreneurs, speakers, trainers, authors, coaches and influencers. Membership also gives you access to over 130 programs and courses at COC University on Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom, Mindset, Achieving Your Dreams, Product Creation and more. Learn more at: www.cocuniversity.com/memberships

Our leading-edge events are safe to attend and loaded with new and up-to-date content for our members and new students. Becoming a member today. Check out our VIP Membership Program at: https://events.cocseminars.com/vip-enrollment/

Once you enroll, you will have instant access to hours of cutting-edge live teaching from our live trainings and Boot Camp! These programs contain insider-secrets and success tips that will put you at the top of your game as an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer or coach!

COC University



Some COC events are free to the general public while our top tier events require a general admission fee. Becoming a member allows you to attend our virtual and live events free of charge. Membership gives you other benefits such as access to recordings of events. vending and marketing opportunities at our events, access to popular boot camps and masterminds as well as one-on-one coaching. If you have questions regarding our membership programs, give us a call at 301 218-8200.

More End of Summer and Fall Events 2022

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