Super Level Training

Become a Circle of Champions Trainer
6-Figure Speaker Coaching
Platinum and Diamond Level Coaching 

How would you like to be able to master the stage and command the room?

For the first time ever, International Trainer and Seminar Master Bob Yates and Media Expert and Communication Skills Coach Annetta Wilson will pour themselves into a select group of individuals who desire to impact a broader audience while earning additional income. Prior to now we have never offered training at this level to anyone. Our mission is to broaden our influence and impact as a organization.

NOTICE:  We are ready and willing  to coach you to Mega Speaking Success! The demand for our public speaking, media and marketing training is at an all time high. Do not consider this option unless you are SUPER SERIOUS about making dramatic improvements in your life, and are deeply committed to helping others to do the same.

If you are interested in becoming a COC Trainer, simply complete the form below and a team representative will contact you shortly.

What’s Included?

Give “riveting” business and professional development presentations

Gain access to leading-edge insider industry secrets

Become a authentic communicator and deliver knock-out presentations

Start and create your own dynamic line of information products

Learn top of the line sales and marketing systems for explosive growth

Create, market and deliver your own life-changing seminars and workshops

Become an International speaker at our next speakers and authors weekend event

Earn a six-figure income while teaching what you love and having a blast

Develop the master traits of the world’s greatest communicators

Brand yourself as the expert and get rich in your niche

Our Training Gets Results! Our Commitment to you:

Commitment Number #1

We will provide you with coaching and support to become an outstanding speaker or trainer!

Commitment Number #2

We will connect you with key people that will help you to grow your speaking business!

Commitment Number #3

You will learn how to earn a six-figure income while teaching what you love!

Commitment Number #4

You will have the opportunity to speak at our COC and WIBNA seminars and events!

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