Congratulations Monica,

Thank you for enrolling in Circle of Champion’s Private Circle Club. You just stepped into a whole new dimension of possibilities as an entrepreneur, infopreneur, speaker, trainer, author or coach. The PCC gives you access to private leading-edge training and expert coaching with a select group of like-minded super achievers just like you. Your “Private Circle Club Upgrade” also includes awesome benefits.

Here Are Just a Few Benefits of Joining The Private Circle Club

  • You Get Two Personal Coaches (Bob and Annetta)
  • Exclusivity (Private Group 10-12)
  • Monthly Training and Q&A
  • Three Live Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions (National)
  • Cutting-Edge Proprietary Information
  • (2) 15 Minute Emergency Coaching Calls w/ Bob or Annetta
  • Speaking Opportunities at COC
  • Market to Our Community (Fish in our pond)
  • Joint Venture Opportunities with (B&A)
  • Assistance with Creation/Packaging
  • On-stage Interview/promotion with Bob

You may upgrade to Diamond Life-Time membership at any time. We are blessed to have the opportunity to help you fulfill your God-Inspired dreams, vision and mission as a speaker. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your Platinum membership.

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