Circle of Champions Private Circle Club

Thank you for enrolling in the Circle of Champions Private Circle Club. You just stepped into a whole new dimension of possibilities as an entrepreneur, infopreneur, speaker, trainer, author or coach. The PCC gives you access to private leading-edge training and expert coaching with a select group of like-minded super achievers just like you. Your “Platinum Membership Upgrade” also includes awesome benefits.

Here Are Just a Few Benefits of Joining The Private Circle Club

  • You Get Two Personal Seasoned Coaches (Bob and Annetta)
  • Exclusivity (Private Group 7-10)
  • Monthly Training and Q&A
  • Three Live Mastermind Group Coaching Sessions (National)
  • Cutting-Edge Proprietary Information
  • One on One Coaching w/ Bob and Annetta
  • Speaking Opportunities at COC
  • Market to Our Community (Fish in our pond)
  • Joint Venture Opportunities with (B&A)
  • Assistance with Creation/Packaging
  • On-stage Interview/promotion with Bob

You will receive further details regarding your membership by email. You may upgrade to Diamond Life-Time membership at any time. We are blessed to have the opportunity to help you fulfill your God-Inspired dreams, vision and mission. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your Platinum membership.

Your Platinum Membership also gives you unlimited access to all programs and courses at COCU. Click here to access COC University or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

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